MG 100 Years

In the park at Hindsgavl Castle, we will try to present the 100-year history of the MG brand by exhibiting most of the models produced over 100 years. The “MG 100 Years” group is working to get as many owners as possible interested in participating with as broad a program of MG cars over 100 years as possible.

Cars participating in the exhibition “MG 100 Years” will be parked all Saturday around the lawn in front of Hindsgavl Castle, where the “Market Day” will be held on Saturday. There will be a dedicated parking space for each car with a description of the MG model. The dedicated parking space will be available for the car throughout the event, and the car can thus be admired by everyone during the week when it is not out on the road. The owners of the cars will be contacted by the “MG 100 Years” group and an “MG 100 Year Presentation Agreement” will be concluded with the owners of the selected MG models.


MG Car Club Denmark 50 Years

“MG Car Club Denmark – The History” – click here!

This ad was placed in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten 50 years ago