MG Sport
MG Sport organises events in closed facilities where it is possible to test your car in safe conditions.

There is always only one car at a time on the tests, and safety is essential.

At EEOTY 2023 it will be possible to try two types of MG Sport tests:

Mini Driving Test – for those who want to try this sport.

There are no requirements for special equipment in the car, everyone can participate after a short instruction.
Maneuver tests around cones are run on time in a closed area, where the speed of the car is low.

Driving Test
– only for participants with a motorsport licence.

Here, special tests are run on a track with fewer cones.

To get permission to start, the car must be equipped with “E”-approved safety belt (minimum 3-point belt), and the driver must wear
a crash helmet with an “E”-approval as minimum. Start permission will not be given unless these things are in order. 
If in doubt, ask!

In addition, insurance policy, registration certificate and driving license must be presented at the start