Tour No. 7: Kolding and Chrsistiansfeld

The tour goes to Jutland over the old Lillebæltsbro, and follows the north side of Kolding Fjord on a nice route to Kolding.

In Kolding, we will see the over 750-year-old castle, which for centuries was one of the country’s most important royal castles. Today, Koldinghus is a modern museum and a world-class attraction with an award-winning restoration and major international special exhibitions.

The trip continues on the south side of Kolding fjord, through lush east coast nature, over Skamlingsbanken to Hejlsminde. From Hejlsminde we continue to Den Gamle Gränsekro, where lunch is offered.

After lunch there is only a short trip to Christiansfeld, which we will see and hear more about on a guided tour. Christiansfeld was founded as a colony by the Brethren in 1773 and organized as a Lutheran-Evangelical free congregation. The town has a well-preserved town plan and oozes authenticity with houses in yellow stone with red roofs, built in a special craftsmanship quality that expresses simplicity and harmony in the architecture.

In Europe and America, 27 Brethren cities have been built, of which Christiansfeld is the best-preserved example in Northern Europe. The layout of the town shows the congregation’s social structures, which accommodated special functions with choir houses for unmarried men, women and widows, family houses, schools and workshops, etc. Everything was arranged so that the congregation could live a common and simple life in the city. The majority of the city’s historic houses have been preserved today, which is why the city’s values ​​and good craftsmanship can still be experienced in the city’s special atmosphere.

In recent years, many of the city’s buildings in the historic city center have been renovated.

Throughout the renovation process, the aim has been to preserve Christiansfeld as a living town. Institutions in Christiansfeld and in Kolding Municipality have entered into a collaboration which in the future will ensure the preservation of the town’s special authenticity and integrity. Christiansfeld is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

After the experiences in Christiansfeld, we drive back to Hindsgavl