Tour No. 4: The Kings’ Jelling
From the hotel, the trip goes over the plain in Hindsgavl Animal Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful sight of fallow deer and wild game from the vehicles. We pass Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro and drive along a beautiful route along the south side of Vejle Fjord through the Munkebjerg Forest to Vejle. The trip goes northwest out of the city, through the beautiful Grejsdal to Jelling, which is the trip’s actual goal and main attraction.

For Danish participants, further presentation should be superfluous, but for those who have only experienced Jelling and the monuments on a school trip many years ago, there is really something to look forward to.

Kongernes Jelling is a visitor center and museum close to the Jelling monuments, which tells the story of the time when Jelling was the center of Danish history, where “Gorm den Gamle” (Gorm the Old) and Harald Blåtand lived. Bluetooth technology is named after the latter who was a strong communicator. The museum shows how the Jelling stones probably looked originally and presents new knowledge about the Viking Age.

Here you will have the opportunity to view the impressive reconstruction of the palisade fence, which was the largest building of the Viking Age and which enclosed the area. And of course the rune stones which were created over 1000 years ago. Popularly called Denmark’s baptismal certificate, as this is where the name Denmark appears for the first time. The entire area with monuments, ship launch and palisade fence is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List – The Kings’ Jelling / English

After a short drive from Jelling, lunch is served at Skovdal Kro by Fårup Sø. The trip back to the hotel goes along asphalted small roads, among other things through the beautiful Vejle Ådal, where there will be an opportunity to stop at the Ravning Bridge and Robert Jacobsen’s sculptures in Tørskind Grusgrav.