Funen, the island in the middle of Denmark, also called Denmark’s kitchen garden

Tour No. 3: The picturesque West Funen and The naval hero Willemoes’ birthplace

Take a drive through the nature of West Funen. With the sea on the right, through some of Funen’s most beautiful nature. Experience the thriving farmland, as well as the sea and the entire coastline. Along the coast there are a large number of recreational areas with small yacht harbors and campsites. The tour goes past castles and manor houses, which are beautifully situated in the countryside.

The tour leads through the town of Assens, which dates back to the 16th century as a market town. Assens lies beautifully on the Little Belt, with a harbor and ferry service to the island of Bågø. A stop is made at the harbor and the town is visited on a short “walk” up through the street. Assens contains many exciting things, i.a. Funen’s second largest church, Our Lady’s Church, and the Nordic region’s largest wooden building, both worth a visit. A tour of the naval hero Peter Villemoe’s childhood home, which is now a museum, has been arranged.

Lunch is taken at a restaurant in Assens. After the visit to Assens, the trip continues along the coast, through the small fishing village of Torøhuse. It was here that the composer Jakob Gade composed one of the world’s most popular pieces of music, “Tango Jalousi”, which is played all over the world to this day. Continue along the coast towards the Helnæs peninsula, which is only connected to Funen by a dam. Helnæs is a very beautiful area with protected landscapes and farmhouse idyll. Helnæs also offers a summer house area, campsite, church and inn. The trip turns around in Helnæs town, where the return trip gives the opportunity to see the area with the landscape and the dam from its most beautiful side.

After this, the trip goes back to Hindsgavl Castle by the larger roads, which lead past estates and old farms, the oldest of which can be traced back to the 18th century, and today functions as an art gallery.

The drive is a total of 125 km.